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Lawn Sculptures has been in business for over 25 years and we love what we do. We understand some people do not have a full time Lawn service company but they still love doing gardens, working outside, or coming up with crafts that they and their families will enjoy.  That is where we can still help, with our newsletter, website, or even a phone call.  We get lots of help from different people to make what we do possible so it is only right to offer it to you as well.

Lawn Mowing Service

isn’t the only thing we offer ( we do that extremely well though) but we also like planting gardens, learning what grows where and when. “Do I need to add a sun shade to this because this seems way to hot and my plants are wilting?” You also need the right soil, water, and sunlight. Not only can you group certain plants together, they like it. If you want to grow a garden you have probably already read pages and pages of different ideas or methods, some you paid for some you didn’t.

New Ideas and Toys

You know when you have an idea and you want to try it but can’t or don’t know where to start? I have the same problem but once I do it I try to make is better or self sufficient so it starts as one project then becomes something else.  Example:


I started out wanting a garden, I learned about container gardens and thought that would be fun. I am a landscaper so my who life has been planting in the ground so I thought this would be a nice change .. and it was – Do a Container Garden.

Back to the Garden, I stared with 3 plants in 3 containers, watering myself. It came out well but I wanted more so the next season turned into 10 plants, I was still watering by hand. Turned out I didn’t have the right plants and not enough water. Trial and error worked and after to many seasons to count my simple 3 pot container turned into a 9Ft x 30Ft section covered with a black tarp with (2) 4x4s  8ft high with a screen shade on half of it with sprinklers covering the entire area (only) on its own timer. Plus with the size I can unload plants that are going to be used on landscape jobs so I save gas by not driving to the nursery every other day. The point is, projects are fun and can benefit you more then your first thought.

Fertilizer, Wood Projects, Solar, Lighting, Ponds, and Buildings are some of the projects that we have completed for our home use and customers.

This is the area the DIYer’s will be checking out and I will be posting random information that I find important and helpful.

Yes that is a quarter.

Yes that is a quarter.lawn_scultures_garden


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