Tips for a healthy lawn

Healthy Lawns in Tampa

Lawn Sculptures has been working in the area for over 30 years. Either by taking classes to understand chemicals and fertilizers better or working with the best people in the area,  we try to provide the most updated  information to our customers. Understanding what makes our area grow, helps out everyone from being more clean to getting the most out of your landscaping.

Here are a few help hints that make our job easier:
Water in the morning closer to sunrise to help protect against fungus.
The best time to fertilize is going into winter followed by going into summer.

When planting, imagine what your plant(s) will look like in 2 years.
Mulch will help reduce weeds and retain water better.
Plants want to grow… Water, Sunlight and food.

For spring trimming you can trim off about a third of the plant.
Chinch bugs love the drought: make sure your sprinklers are working, Treat with a chemical or call an expert.
When the Fair leaves, start planting.
Don’t plant delicate plants or turf in January or August.

For the Gardener

Everyone loves to garden – well maybe I should say Everyone loves to see the results from a good garden, there that is better.
That includes us, we love to see the start, the built in therapy season and yes the result. Although we understand everyone has their own idea of a garden, we have some tips that might make it easier.
There are many different vegetables you can grow but make sure you pick the right ones for your garden.

When should I start planting? Follow this chart