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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Sculptures has been providing lawn care for over 30 years. Commercial and residential properties. We maintain and provided services for some of the most beautiful landscapes in Tampa.

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Creating the oasis you want or the landscape that makes your property yours. From the perfect plants for your needs to a climate friendly design.

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Clean up and removal

With the proper insurance and equipment, Lawn Sculptures can either take care of cleanup or recommend that right people for the right job.


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Lawn Sculptures is a equal opportunity employer. We are looking for dedicated people who take pride in their job and are career driven. We do not hire for a month or short term goals. If you have a desire to get into the landscape field or simply looking to further your skills. Contact us at Lawn Sculptures to see if you would be a good fit. To Apply, simply fill out the 1st page and resend it to Then we can schedule a time to meet and go over your application. APPLY HERE


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